Castus Octius

Insane Assassin, Prophet of the Red Wake


Employed as Key Account Manager in the Valen-Zenith Hegemony, Castus is an expert in Hostile Takeovers octius.jpg

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
50 62 30 40 60 36 40 41 30

Movement: 6/12/18/36
Wounds: 19
Corruption Points:28
Insanity Points: 62
Fate Points: 4
Skills:Acrobatics +20, Awareness +40, Charm +20, Chem-Use +30, Ciphers (Underworld), Climb +20, Command, Common Lore (Imperial Creed, Underworld), Concealment +30, Contortionist +20, Deceive, Demolition, Diplomacy, Disguise +30, Dodge +20, Drive (Ground Vehicle +20, Skimmer/Hover), Forbidden Lore (the Inquisition +5), Inquiry +30, Intimidate, Lip Reading, Navigation (Surface), Pilot (Civilian +20, Military, Space Craft), Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed), Scrutiny +30, Search +20, Secret Tongue (Acolyte, Background), Security +20, Shadowing +30, Silent Move +20, Sleight of Hand +10, Speak Language (Low Gothic +10), Survival, Swim, Tech-Use, Tracking +20, Trade (Apothecary), Wrangling
Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Primitive, Flame, SP, Bolt), Pistol Weapon Training (Las, SP, Bolt), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Ambidextrous, Heightened Sense (Sound, Sight), Resistance (Poison, Psychic), Peer (Underworld), Catfall, Unremarkable, Furious assault, Sprint, Sure strike, Crack Shot, Jaded, Rapid reload, Mighty Shot, Swift Attack, Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic), Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee), Lightning Reflexes, Quick Draw, Deadeye shot, Hip Shooting, Leap up, Rapid reaction, Lightning Attack, Marksman, Sharpshooter, Light Sleeper, Gunslinger, Independent targeting, Chem Geld, True Grit, Step aside, Contact, Labyrinth Conditioning, Resistance (Psychic), Strong Minded, Haarlock’s bane, Target selection, Prophet of the Red Wake, Rage Mark, Crushing blow, Blade dancer
Traits: Dark Sight

Armour: Sorcery Plate (Arms 10, Body 10, Head 10, Legs 10)
Weapons: Mauler (30m; S/3/-; 1d10+7 X; Pen 4; Clip 6; Reload Half; Reliable, Tearing, can order custom made, doubles price and earns best quality for who it was made for, Never Jams, Targeter), Mauler (30m; S/3/-; 1d10+7 X; Pen 4; Clip 6; Reload Half; Reliable, Tearing, can order custom made, doubles price and earns best quality for who it was made for, Never Jams, Targeter), Sacristan Bolter (30m; S/2/-; 1d10+8 R; Pen 4; Clip 6; Reload Half; Tearing, Str bonus of 4 or 10 to BS, Never Jams, Red-Dot Laser), Bow (30m; S//-; 1d10+2 R; Pen 0; Clip 1; Reload ; Primitive, Unreliable), Nomad (250m; S/-/-; 1d10+7 I; Pen 3; Clip 4; Reload Half; Accurate, reliable, maximal, recharge., Never Jams, Red-Dot Laser)
Gear: Backpack, Cameleoline Cloak, Chrono, Clothing, Filtration Plugs, De-Tox, Lho-sticks (3), Slaught, Stimm (3), Panimmune (3), Imperium’s Fervour, Auspex/Scanner, Combi-tool, Micro-bead, Multikey, Stummers, Cognomen, Hardened Body Glove, Rosarius, Nomad, Mauler (2), Bow, Frag, Red-Dot Laser (2), Silencer, Targeter, Bullets (3), Bolt Shells (3), Auger Arrays, Chem Implants Chem Glands, Cranial Armor, Subskin Armor, Interkeratic Implants, aethyr blades, ignores armour, d5+3+sb, needle gun from Vector

​Prophet of the Red Wake

Such is the skill with which you wield blades, such is the desire to spill blood, that every cut you make causes excessive bleeding and excruciating pain.

All attacks made with bladed weapons gain the Tearing quality, and any Critical Damage causes effects at one higher level (a critical hit at 3 DMG would cause the effects for a 4 DMG hit).​

Rage Mark

Your mark allows you to focus your aggression and the aggression of those nearby to a bloodboil, reaching levels of slaughter unknown to most mortal folk. Once per combat at the start of his Turn, you can attempt to channel your rage through the Mark as a Free Action. You must pass an Ordinary (+10) Willpower Test, although if you wants the Mark's effects to spread to your allies then each ally increases the difficulty of the Willpower Test by one level. The effects are determined by the number of Degrees of Success:
1: You (and allies) may re-roll Damage in Melee and gain Righteous Fury on a 9+.
2: You (and allies) gains the above benefit, and may add +2 to Penetration in Melee.
3: As above, but the bonus Penetration is increased to +4
4+: As above, but Righteous Fury now occurs on an 8+. The effects last for a number of Rounds equal to your Willpower Bonus.


Castus Octius

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