Inquisitor Brieger

Fallen Inquisitor


Currently locked up in the holding cells of the Tricorn Palace, Brieger is a Radical Inquisitor (stripped of rank and title) who strayed too far from the righteous path


Inquisitor Brieger was behind the attack on Serpentis, and was planning a major attack on the heart of the Imperiums control in Calixis. His plan was to unleash a demonic entity, in the hostbody of Zerbe, to destabilize and cause chaos amongst the powerful of Calixis, and to set the Inquisition up against itself. He almost succeeded. But Why?

Your interrogation of Brieger revealed that he believes the Imperium has become corrupt and decaying. It no longer serves the purpose for which it exists, and works in spite of its massive organisations rather than because of them. Over time the morass of politics, factions, bureaucracy and the immense edifices of the Imperium must be pulled apart and reassembled in a new fashion that works better for Mankind. If the Imperium is allowed to continue to stagnate, it will eventually fall apart and humanity will fall prey to the unnumbered perils that it faces. His goals are to attempt to destabilise the Imperial organisations from the inside, replacing corrupt and/or conservative leaders and men of power with people who have more radical views and a will to change.
To this end he has worked with the Logicians and other “enlightened” factions that intend to end the Mechanicums strangehold on technological development and free mankind from the shackles of dogma, supersticion and opression.

However, it also revealed that Brieger has an inflated opinion of his own significance and abilities, and that he is clearly not the man pulling all the strings. It would appear he is being manipulated, and being led to do someone elses will, perhaps unknowingly. Zerbe and the full resources of the Inquisition will concentrate on revealing all possible information on this matter, but these things take time.

Inquisitor Brieger

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