Inquisitor Van Vuygens

An Inquisitor of Ordo Xenos, and ally of Inquisitor Aurelius.


Rarely seen at the Bastion Serpentis, Van Vuygens represents the Ordo Xenos in the conclave. He is a quietly spoken man who is more of a scholar than a warrior and, though he can certainly look after himself if required, he sees more value in dissecting and studying xenos than exterminating them. Slender, bespectacled and dressed in an archivist’s robes, Van Vuygens does not cut as imposing a figure as some of the cabal’s more dramatic characters, but he has the intellect and strength of will to delve into the mindset of the xenos and still retain his humanity. He leaves the human and Daemonic threats to the other Inquisitors, focusing instead on helping provide the Imperium with its chief weapon against the alien: an understanding of what the aliens want and what they will do to get it. Though Van Vuygens seeks knowledge about aliens, he does not trust them and would never fraternise with them. He has not studied a single alien species that does not pose some threat towards the human race.


Inquisitor Van Vuygens

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