Warn Borg

Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus


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Warn Borg, was born on M/S Mars Explorer MCXI, a Rupture-class Exploration Frigate. Warn is the son of Bjorn Borg and the now deceased Melta Borg. His father, Bjorn Borg was a Level 4 – Cyber Seer, and Chief Engineer on the M/S Mars Explorer MCXI. The task of this ship was to explore remote sectors of the empire for lost knowledge and STC’s. The ship was part of larger taskforce under the leadership of the Magos Explorators of Mars on an epic Quest for Knowledge that started over 400 years ago by Martinius Menas. During the ship’s travels numerous encounters with Xenos and their technology where encountered, and Bjorn Borg become fascinated with Xenos technology and as Chief Engineer had the possibility to study Xenos in relative safety. As pro-Xenos, Bjorn Borg considered that Xenos technology was, although twisted, another form of Omnissiah’s great machinery, and that great amount of knowledge could be wrestled out of these tortured Machine Spirits, if the correct incantations where used.

Warn Borgs mother, a Level 2 – Mech Daemon, was killed by a Xenos monster, when a medical experiment lead by Bjorn Borg into the creature’s ability to tolerate different kinds of substances failed miserably. Warn Borg, 14 at the time, was helping out in the experiment and managed to kill the creature using a coerced Xenos las-pistol. Unfortunately the creature managed to kill both Melta Borg, and 3 other assistants, before being killed by Warn’s shot. To this day, Warn Borg carries the trigger-mechanism of this weapon along with him at all times, to remind him of the sacrifices that must be done in the Quest for Knowledge. Tinkering with this mechanism always makes Warn feel good, as it is good to know that evil can be cleansed by evil.

Bjorn Borg’s career was severely compromised by this event, and Bjorn decided it was best for Warn Borg to leave the ship and continue the Quest for Knowledge with the Imperial Inquisition. Bjorn’s grand-uncle Surgul-Kun was very fond of young Warn Borg, and also a good friend of Lord Inquisitor Anthon Zerbe. He made sure that Warn Borg was accepted as an Adept Inquisitor; and to this day Warn’s relationship with Surgul-Kun is a very good one. His relationship with his father is still good, even if Bjorn Borg now serves as a Level 1 – Heavy Oil blesser on the MS Skunky MXII, a mining ship in the Calixis sector.

Two persons in Warn Borg’s life fills him with contempt, one is Berillus Bolty. He was the one person responsible for opening the cage to the Xenos monster that killed Melta Borg. He claimed it to be an accident; however, Warn Borg is certain that Berillus’ mother-in-law, the dreadful Meggus Bolty, an anti-Xenos activist and long-time enemy of Bjorn Borg’s work was behind it.

Warn Borg frowns at dogmatic anti-Xenos Tech Priest’s, as to him they are too narrow minded to even grasp the concept that the Omnissiah, that has constructed all, and knows all, also knows why the tortured machine spirits of the Xenos do as they are told.

Warn Borg

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