Tag: Heresy


  • The Logicians

    *Who are the Logicians?* The Logicians are an alliance of heretic factions who have long been a thorn in the side of the Calixis and the nearby Ixaniad Sectors. Founded not around a single charismatic figure or dark religion, they find their …

  • The Empty Men

    h1. The Empty Men The Empty Men of [[Sinophia Magna | Sinophia Magna]] was a [[The Logicians | Logician]] sponsored project that sought to corrupt humans with aspects of the alien at the genetic level. The Logicians had secretly taken over control of …

  • The 7 Devils

    They've been mentioned a few times, but what are they, and what significance do they hold? The Night Traveler - Haarlock? The Empty Hunger - Somehow connected to the Enslavers found on Dusk