The Logicians

Who are the Logicians?

The Logicians are an alliance of heretic factions who have long been a thorn in the side of the Calixis and the nearby Ixaniad Sectors. Founded not around a single charismatic figure or dark religion, they find their inspiration in a forbidden heretical text called “In Defence of the Future: A Logical Discourse”, banned now for several millennia. The Logicians are a so-called “progressive” cult, they favour the advancement of mankind through progress and the acquisition of technology, believing that they should cast-off of the oppression of the Ministorum, overthrow of the High Lords of Terra and put an end to the smothering constraints of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Ultimately, the Logicians aim to bring about a return to the mythic power of the Dark Age of Technology. Finding adherents through a secret network of ruthless mercantile interests and power-hungry nobles, they are a haven for hereteks and rogue techpriests, and are highly organised and well resourced. Although no Daemonic force or apocalyptic agenda lies at their heart, the Logicians are still a phenomenally dangerous group, utterly callous in their pursuit of power and unceasing in the hunt for ever better weapons and tools by which to achieve their ends.

Known activities

Known operatives:

+ The Churgeon – Status: Active
A renegade Tech-Adept involved in heretical bio-tech research, she is believed to be experimenting to create a form of mind control mechanism designed to create the ultimate weapon, an army of directly controlled drones with which to sow chaos throughout the sector. Escaped from Inqusition agents during the cleansing of the Corscale division (see case BI-12#/193B-815) to unknown whereabouts.

+ Glenn Carper, aka: Marlon Daper – Status: Retired
Worked as a miner in the Shatters, then drafted into the Imperial Guard. Registered as Sergeant Carper, 125th Batallion Secundus. Minor transgressions prevented further promotion. Apprehended during the cleaning of the Corscala division, Hive Sibellus, Scintilla after Inqusition investigation BI-12#/193B-815. Recruited into the Logicians by an unknown woman who later became his wife.

The Logicians

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