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People and Places

The events of this campaign take place in the Calixis Sector in Segmentum Obscurus of the Imperium of Man. This is a large area of space, located far out towards the Halo Stars, a backwater and relatively lively part of the Imperium.

Other worlds and places outside our dimension have also been visited, and play an important part of the campaign.

Imperial Factions

The following are the branches of the Adeptus Terra with wich our Heroes have had dealings


The following are the various heretical, secessionist and illegal organisations our Heroes have encountered


The only good alien is a dead alien, and these are some of the Xenos creatures our Heroes have fought

Adventures, Endeavours and Missions

An overview of the actions of our Heroes, as they battle for Mankinds survival

Current Affairs

  • Inquisitorial collapse – Ordo Calixix in dissaray, the end of the sector is nigh
  • The Slaught Invasion – With Haarlock away, the worms come out to play

Handouts and Clues

Past events

  • Adventures in the Red Hells of Gloaming – We aren’t in Calixis no more
  • Dead Stars – Haarlock is returning, unless our Heroes can stop him on Mara
  • Tattered Fates – Our Heroes are kidnapped to Quaddis, where they battle for their own and that worlds survival
  • Damned Cities – Murder and mayhem on Sinophia
  • The reforging of the Periphery
  • A Little Help from my friends – An investigation into tithe evasion on Malfi reveals Inquisitorial involvement, and sees the Acolytes responsible for Inquisitorcide
  • Take Heed – The search for Dr. Laurentz takes the Acolytes to Heed
  • The House of Dust And Ash
  • A Hole where a Book should be – Our Heroes help Chief Librarian Nazianzus Grigorius return a lost library book, and discover (and kill) a nascent Alpha-grade Psyker in the process.
  • A House Divided – Interrogator Sand wants you to investigate the death of Savant Skyle, an old friend and senior staff of Inquisitor Zerbe. The Inquisition routinely investigates deaths “in the family”, and have found nothing strange. Yet Sand has “a bad feeling about this”. It’s probably nothing, but…
  • Baron Hopes – Zombie fun on Sepheris Secundus
  • The Missing Scholar – Strophes ask for a personal favour, look into the disappearance of an old friend at the Scholam Magnopticon at Ambulon, Dr. Laurentz, whose unexplained disappearance is worrying.
  • Shades of Twilight – A Dungeon Crawl on a Space Hulk
  • Maggots in the Meat – Our Heroes are dispatched to investigate mysterious disappearances on Acreage, where they soundly defeat Slaught infiltrators, and Brutus gets himself married in the process
  • Rejoice for you are true! – A new Emperor loving cult are being manipulated, and Psykers go missing on Sibellus. Our Acolyte track the culprits to Ambulon, where they deal with matters with extreme prejudice
  • Illumination – Messy dealings with the Crow Father on Iocanthus
  • The Edge of Darkness – Investigating the Logicians in the Coscarla Division on Sibellus

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