Ref: Inq/0462956/MA
Subject: Verbal transcript of Pict-Recorded Document
Date: 815.M41
Location: Scintilla, Hive Sibellus, Level 1632, Hab-block 291/34W-E4, Unit 952-3E
Sector: Callixis (Scintillan sub)
Original transcription: Savant Reiver, Ordo Hereticus, Tyrantine Cabal Holding, Bastion Serpentis, 239.815.M41

+ Extracted from hidden monitor servo-skull by [classified, code MA42-342], serving Interrogator Sand, Ordo Hereticus +

[Stationary Pict-source] Obstructed view of study and living quarters. Pict recorded through air vent. Solitary man [Subject I] is hunched over unidentified objects at a large servo workbench. Sound, indistinct. [Door forced open?] Two men enter view, [subject II] and [subject III], both wearing dark, long cloaks. [Subject II] facial features concealed by a rebreather mask, and photo-visor. [Subject III] hidden in shade from wide brimmed hat.
VOICE (III): Is there a doctor in the house?
VOICE (II): Hehehehe … ehhh … hehh
[Subject II] takes up position by the door, and produces a shotgun from beneath his cloak. [Subject I] turns to face the newcomers. Positively identified as Dr. Ralphus Streng.
VOICE (I) [STRENG]: Who … What do you want? I told you not to come here!
[Subject III] Steps towards [Subject I] [Dr. Streng], partially blocking the pict-shot.
VOICE (III): Easy Doc. My associate and myself are only here for a friendly chat. Nothing to get upset about.
VOICE (II): That’s right. Just ol’ friends talking, right, Doc?
[Subject I] [Dr. Streng] appears agitated, and starts to rise from his chair. [Subject III] pushes him gently, but firmly, back in his chair.
VOICE (I) [STRENG]: There’s nothing to talk about. The analysis is not complete, I told you I needed more time, and I can’t use the lab, I have to make do with this makeshift …
VOICE (III): There will be plenty of time and proper equipment later, but word is you are reconsidering our generous offer. Our employer is most distressed, quite beside himself really.
VOICE (II): Yeah, not used to people saying “no thanks”, know what I’m sayin’?
VOICE (I) [STRENG]: Wha.. No! I only, that is.. Who told you… I’m not reconsidering anything! I’m committed, I’m committed for the long run! I’m completely dedicated to the Truth. The possibilities are phenomenal, only a fool would throw away an opportunity like this, no matter what the costs.
VOICE (III): Well, I wouldn’t know anything about that, Doc. What I DO know is that you’ve been talking to people you shouldn’t be. We know about your little meeting tomorrow, and we’d rather you gave it a miss. In fact… We’d rather you didn’t talk to anyone anymore
[Subject III] takes out a pistol, and fixes a silencer to barrel. [Subject I] [Dr. Streng] is alarmed, but [subject III] pins him to his chair with his left boot.
VOICE (I) [STRENG]: Oh, God-Emperor, no! I’m sorry, look I was scared! I see now that I was wrong, I’ll come with you, I’ll do everything you ask! I swear, I won’t say a thing! I’ll not say a word to a living soul!
VOICE (III):That’s right, Doc. You won’t!
[Subject III] points the pistol at [Subject I] [Dr. Streng] and fires a shot into [Subject I] [Dr. Streng] head. The flash from the gunshot illuminates [subject III] face. Still-frame analysis reveals [subject III] is male, late 40s, with a prominent scar on his right cheek and with ocular implants. [Subject I] slides to the floor, bodily fluids soiling the chair and wall behind him.
[Subject III] searches the room, collects the objects [Subject I] [Dr. Streng] was working on as well as some valuables, turns over furniture and household items, and leaves.



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